How to Overcome Procrastination: 3 Tips for Building Up Self-Discipline

The struggle with self-discipline is universal. People who are not able to remain focused and productive for long periods of time may have a hard time following through on their daily schedules, school work, and most importantly, their passion projects. This blog post will provide some tips on how to overcome that struggle in order to build up self-discipline.

1) Create a list of all the things you have been putting off until later

This is somewhat difficult to do. It requires a lot of effort to make writing down all the things you have been procrastinating on as a way to build up self-discipline. The best method I found for accomplishing this task is to keep track of everything you put off until later in your chosen notebook.
In addition, try timing yourself by looking at the clock every 10 minutes and tally up how many times throughout the day, you start a task yet don’t end it. Keep track of all of these instances and compare them with your previous results.After time, it will become easier to write down what is most important in order to build up self-discipline.

2) Choose one task at a time from the list

Choose one task from the list that you want to start working on first and spend your time only on this task. Don’t get distracted by other things, and try your best to complete the task. Once it’s completed, move on to the second task from your list and continue working until all the tasks are done.

3) Start small and do one thing each day after finishing your chosen task

This will help build up self-discipline. It’s easier to complete one small thing each day than it is to attempt many big things at once. Set aside a certain time period after completing your chosen task and use this time to do one other task from your list. Make sure that you are able to work on this second task during this time period in order to build up self-discipline. At the end of each week, add the tasks you completed that week on top of your list and compare them with your previous list of tasks. This will help you get a clearer picture of what is helping you build up self-discipline.

This method I personally used to get in the habit of writing as a way to build up self discipline and improve my productivity. I worked on making the tasks that are difficult for me more manageable by organizing them in a list. This helped me build up self-discipline in the short-term and kept me going with my goals throughout the duration of my project.
In addition, I used the time after finishing a task to complete another task from my list and tried to work on the hardest tasks first. Once I had completed all the tasks from my list, I added them to the top of my list and started again with my schedule.
This method has been working for me throughout this blog project, and hopefully it will work for you as well.

Being productive is key in every stage of life. Self-discipline is not always easy, but it is key in building up self-discipline. By following these steps you will be able to build up self-discipline and start becoming more productive.

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