Is Paris worth traveling to?

Many people dream of visiting the amazing city of Paris. Some say it offers an unforgettable experience and is the most romantic city in the world. Others warn that Paris is not worth traveling to at all because it’s a horribly expensive place to live, filled with crime and pollution. The truth is that both sides have their merits, which makes deciding whether or not to visit tricky business. Many people are also extremely fond of Paris, so much so that they’d travel from far-flung locations to visit it.

Is it worth traveling to Paris? My answer depends. If the person in question is young and hasn’t done anything other than live in a major metropolitan area for most of their lives, then traveling to Paris might not be worth it on most days. However, there are a few reasons why going to Paris is always worth doing:

Pedestrian Escalator Addict -For people who hate schlepping suitcases through busy cities, nothing beats the fresh air and casual pace of those walking down cobblestone streets at night. 

River Seine – The beautiful River Seine is an oasis in the heart of Paris. Summer is the best time to go because there are a number of beaches there, including the famous Paris Plage, which is a sandy beach artificially formed on top of the city. 

Nuit Blanche – This all night art event occurs every year in October and lets you both see new works and enjoy some old favorites at no cost. The next one will happen in just a few days from now! 

French art – Many people are drawn to Paris for its unique culture, and rightly so. The city is known for having some of the best artists in the world, especially the impressionists, which is a group of painters that emphasized light and color. 

Food – Paris isn’t known as a foodie city, but it has plenty to offer. There are about 700 restaurants in all of Paris, so you’re not going to starve. The most famous dishes include croque madame (a type of ham and cheese sandwich), crepes (thin pancakes), escargot (snails) and éclairs (pastry made from cream).

Beautiful architecture – Many famous things happened in Paris throughout history, to include riots that occurred during student uprisings in 1968. The city was also once the residence of French kings, and many structures built in that time period are still standing.

If you’re not a tourist, then maybe Paris is not worth traveling to at all. However, there is always something to do in Paris . Whether it’s going to the Louvre or one of many other museums, taking a stroll through the old town of Paris, taking in a play or meal at one of many restaurants or simply strolling along its famous streets. 
Paris may be an expensive city but it’s still worth visiting if you have the money.

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