Why Finding your Soulmate is impossible

It’s not a secret that many people want to find their soul mates. We all need somebody who completes us, our other half. It is a great and magical feeling to know that you are talking to somebody who has the same views and goals as you do. This desire is common for both men and women. The problem with finding your soul mate has a lot of reasons but there are two major ones:

The fact that we cannot completely understand each other
The way love works

Since you cannot complete someone else’s personality, it makes sense that only one person can be your perfect match. For some reason we feel that we have met our soul mate when we have found somebody who is like us. It’s a very personal thing and it’s what makes it interesting to find your soul mate. However, this does not mean that you can find your perfect match in just any person.

I start my essay by saying that finding your soulmate is impossible because we cannot completely understand each other. The fact that there are so many factors influencing how people view life means that even if you find somebody who has almost the same views as you do, you may not think of them as your perfect match because there are still differences between the two of you.

For instance, you have a similar career path but he or she only likes to be with someone who earns a lot of money. It’s also entirely possible that your partner may earn more money and even like that, but it does not mean that you differ on other things.

Do not misunderstand me – we need many people in our lives who can understand us and who want to get along with us. The fact of the matter is that only one person can be your soulmate because if you were to meet two people similar on every single thing possible, this would make it impossible to find an actual soulmate. It would not be interesting or exciting anymore.

Let’s take the example of the book “The Notebook”. It is a classic story about a poor boy who falls in love with a rich girl and it lasts all throughout their life together. There are many reasons why this is one of the most successful love stories in world literature:
The fact that they are complete opposites. If Noah had been a rich boy and Allie had been poor, there would be no greatness to this story. “The Notebook’s” popularity relies on these differences; it is what makes the story unique and great
The fact that they lose each other at some points through their lives but they find each other again. If they had not lost each other and been put through hardships, it would not be a good story. These hardships make the story work. The fact that Allie lives in the town and Noah lives in another part of the country makes what comes after even better

If you were to meet two people who are exactly the same on every single thing imaginable, this would not make a great story. They do not need to be polar opposites but they have to have individual traits that make them interesting characters who can help create a unique love story.
To summarize, if you cannot find someone who is to be your perfect match on everything imaginable, you will never find someone as great as “The Notebook”’s main couple.

On the other side, the way love works is another factor which makes it impossible to find your soul mate. The choice of someone to love is based on many things, not just on your thoughts and emotions. According to scientific research, there is some chemistry behind love. It’s not the same as looking for a friend or professional partner who can help you with your career goals. Love is based on much more than that and there are some physical aspects involved in the feeling of love, although there are no genes which indicate this happening.

What does this mean? Even if two people feel a strong connection towards each other and even if they want to spend their lives together, they may not be able to do it because their bodies are not capable of reproducing children together. There are many ways people can be affected by this but two of the more common ones are infertility and genetic incompatibility.

I don’t think that it is possible to find a solution for these problems. There is no special medication which will make you be able to have children with a person you love. It is very unfair for both sides but there is nothing anybody can do about it, the choice of your partner cannot be based on their genes or fertility ability, otherwise you will not end up with someone who wants to spend their lives with you.

Further factors which make love work are emotional factors but many times, they are also based on physical signs as well.

At the end, what is it that makes your soul mate the one person who can make you happy for the rest of your life? I believe it is those little differences between you both and how they make this person unique. If there are too many similarities between the two of you, there might as well be no soul mate, but if it is possible to find someone who has similar interests to yours but at the same time wants to do something different, this will create a great love story for both sides.

The physical aspects of love matter because they allow a couple to have children or at least think about having them. If two people cannot procreate, then there is not much hope in finding true love and their lives together will end up being useless.

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